The Radboards Shockwave V1 Portable Electric Kickscooter is a game-changer in urban commuting and Last Mile connectivity solutions, especially in the bustling streets of India. With its cutting-edge features and compact design, it offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

Advantages of Radboards Shockwave V1 over Traditional Commuting Methods:

  • Reduced travel time and cost.
  • Environmentally friendly with zero emissions.
  • Avoids traffic congestion, especially during peak hours.
  • Provides a fun and exhilarating riding experience.
  • No worries About Parking Spaces





  1. Puncture-Proof Tires: Navigating India's Road Terrain:

    Navigating India's diverse road terrain can be challenging, but the Radboards Shockwave V1's puncture-proof tires offer peace of mind. Whether it's rough pavements or gravel roads, these tires ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride, eliminating the need for frequent tire replacements.

  2. Dual Braking System: Ensuring Safety in Busy Streets:

    Safety is paramount, especially on the chaotic streets of Indian cities. The Radboards Shockwave V1's dual braking system, comprising front electric and rear disc brakes, provides reliable stopping power, allowing riders to navigate through traffic with confidence.

  3. Foldable Design: Convenient Storage and Portability:

    The Radboards Shockwave V1's foldable design makes it incredibly convenient for commuters in India. Whether it's hopping on the metro or navigating crowded streets, this feature allows riders to easily fold and carry their kickscooter, ensuring hassle-free transportation.


  4. Weight and Carry Capacity: Ease of Transport with Last Mile Connectivity Solution:

    Weighing just 13 kg, the Radboards Shockwave V1 strikes the perfect balance between portability and durability. Its lightweight design allows for effortless carrying, making it an excellent last-mile connectivity solution. Whether you're hopping on the metro or squeezing into a crowded bus, the Radboards Shockwave V1's compact size and foldable design enable you to carry it with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of parking or waiting for taxis and embrace the convenience of portable urban transportation with the Radboards Shockwave V1.




In conclusion, the Radboards Shockwave V1 Portable Electric Kickscooter offers a myriad of benefits over traditional commuting methods in India. With its innovative features, it not only enhances convenience and efficiency but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for urban transportation. Embrace the change and join the revolution today!

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