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Looking to Buy Hoverboards Online? Radboards Manufactures the Best Hoverboards in India!

Hoverboards are currently the most sought-after accessory or self-transportation device. Some people call it a Segway Board, while others call it a self-balancing electric scooter, to add to the simplicity we like to call it a hoverboard.

Hoverboards are considered to be cool because of their functionality when compared to a regular skateboard which requires manual propulsion. Battery-powered hoverboards are much more user-friendly and ride smoothly on multiple terrains. What better reason do you need to own a hoverboard or buy a hoverboard online for yourself? Even the fastest man Usain Bolt has been spotted cruising around casually on his hoverboard.

Types of Hoverboards

When buying hoverboards online, we are sure that you might have come across various types of hoverboards. Apart from the hoverboard's price, you might wanna know if it's a hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, does it have self-balancing features and whether the hoverboard you are buying has offroading features. Radboards has the best hoverboards in India, the Classic 6.5 and Rover Offrader to choose from if you're looking to buy a hoverboard online for yourself.

Classic 6.5 Features and Specifications

If you are looking to buy a hoverboard online that is cost-effective and affordable at the same time, then the Classic 6.5 is the most cost-effective and lowest-priced hoverboard that we have. With a maximum range of 10Kms on a single charge of 2 hours max, a wide range of colours & designs and also being a hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and powerful LED lights, it will surely make those heads turn whenever you hover out on your board. The classic 6.5 is a suitable hoverboard for kids as well as adults.

Rover Off-Roader Features and Specifications

The Rover Off Roader on the other hand is built to take performance to the next level. The Rover Xl’s sturdy build quality and the deep treaded solid 8-inch rubber tyres 350w Hub motor makes it super easy to cruise on multiple terrains and take offroading for that extra thrill and fun. If you'er looking to buy Hoverboards online with more power and has more possibilities for some adventure, then you need to get the Rover Off-roader. The Rover offroader also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and LED lights and it is a suitable hoverboard for adults and kids.

Advantages of Owning a Hoverboard From Us

We are committed to delivering you the best when it comes to hoverboards and self-balancing electric scooters. We make the best quality hoverboards at the most affordable prices.

If you've been looking for cheap hoverboards online or searching to buy hoverboards online in India you can end your search here. Radboards offers the best quality hoverboards at the most affordable prices.

We use state-of-the-art tech for our hoverboards and electric scooters for responsive acceleration, reversing and exceptional manoeuvrability. Just flow with ease to your destination effortlessly.

The Bluetooth speakers and Led lights just add to the riding experience and make it the aptest and futuristic travel companion for all your last mile connectivity issues.

The Classic 6.5 comes with some peppy colour scheme and rad designs to bring life to the party. And The Rover Off Roader's tough rugged looks just show that it wants you to push boundaries and take on some challenging terrains. Both have a max load of 100-120Kgs.

Quality Tested Hoverboards, No Compromise Done When it Comes to Your Safety!

If your looking to buy a hoverboard or buy hoverboards online then we can assure you that we give the most premium products at the most affordable prices and great customer service. All our hoverboards come with a 1-year warranty and we can assure you that there is no compromise done when it comes to quality parameters. All products go through multiple levels of quality checks before it reaches you to provide you with the best quality hoverboards.

All our hoverboards come with a carry bag and a charger too for you to take it wherever you go and plug it in before your next ride whenever required. Now you know where to look if you want to buy a hoverboard online.

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