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Why Buy Scooters Online?

The electric revolution is here, and it’s here to stay. It's not just cars or two-wheelers but foldable electric kick scooters particularly. Its small compact and quick, it’s the perfect ride to have between the metro station to your home or workplace. You can fold it, get it onto public transport, and even ride it on the sidewalks. Still, need a reason to buy scooters online in India?

Get yourself the Shockwave, the electric kick scooter that's built for Indian roads.

Traffic is a huge problem and buying a scooter online is the best solution for all your last mile connectivity issues. If you're looking to buy scooters online, Radboards has the best electric Kickscooters with some Rad features that can't be matched. Buy scooters online in India, the Shockwave V1 and V2 is the most appropriate vehicle for all your regular needs and short-distance travels.

Radboard’s electric kickscooters are built for the harsh Indian terrain. If you want to buy electric scooters online, you can stop your search here!

Get Quality Products and the Best Service

We manufacture the best electric kickscooter for kids and adults and also give you the best service at the same time. Radboards is a pioneer when it comes to last-mile connectivity. We can proudly boast that we are the only company in south India that offers service for electric kick scooters and hoverboards. When you buy scooters online from us, the kick scooters come with a 1-year warranty service warranty, and our customer service team is ready to take up any issue or problem you have if you ever have any.

Shockwave V1

The V1 comes with three different speed modes, choose the one most suitable and ride along. Switch from eco, to drive and speed mode with just a click of a button its that simple!

The 250W hub motor generates a top speed of 25Kms per hour and also delivers a range 15Kms. The powerful Lithium-Ion Battery charges within 2.5 hours and generates enough power for you to carry up to 150Kgs even on a 15-degree slope. Along with this, it comes with LED lights and tail lights for maximum visibility for both you and others on the roads and also lets you enjoy your night rides on the electric kick scooter.

Shockwave V2

This electric scooter gives you a range of 30Kms on a single charge which is enough for your regular transport requirements. Get around with ease with the leaf spring suspensions the shockwave V2 has coupled with a motor that generates 450 watts of power that delivers a great response when you spin the accelerator.

To make things better, The V2 comes with solid rubber tyres that take on all terrains with ease, and avoid punctures. It also has two-speed modes and a top speed of 25Kmph, forget about getting stuck in traffic and just make it on time, every time wherever it is that you're going. It is great for night rides this electric kick scooter is equipped with strong Led lights, and tail light and a really good responsive braking system.

State-Of-The-Art Tech, Sturdy and Great Features

Our team has developed the shockwave V1 and V2 with state-of-the-art tech and some rad features to give you the best riding experience from your electric Kickscooter.

Buy Kick scooters Scooters Online in India from Radboards, Switch from Your Regular Bikes and Vehicles to an Electric kick Scooter Now!

Travelling up to 10Kms in less than a rupee is now possible, what better reason do you need to buy scooters online and particularly The Shockwave Electric Kickscooter?

Make a conscious decision and shift to a more eco-friendly and economical ride.

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