A hoverboard seemed like a futuristic mode of transport to me. Having dabbled in skateboards and waveboards I was quite looking forward to trying out the new hoverboard technology but was quite nervous wondering if I would be able to try out expensive merchandise without restraint.


It turned out that I was worried over nothing. The first conversation I had over the phone with the Radboards team made it quite obvious that they were as excited over the product, if not more, than I was. In what was one of the easiest phone calls of my life I was informed that there actually exists a “Radboards Experience Zone” where I could come and try out all the products they have to offer to my heart's content.


The drive to the experience zone located near Basavangudi was a pleasant one but I was worried cause the skies were pretty dark and rain seemed imminent. And much to my disappointment the rain’s set in minutes before I reached the zone. But lo behold the zone located on the third floor turned out to be indoor, meaning rain or shine the zone is open for use.


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On arrival I was met with Kiran who’s also the founder of Hoverboards. I was guided into their office and for the first time I saw the array of different products they had to offer. I was surprised to see seven different variants of hoverboard tech which ranged from the Classic 6.5' hoverboard to a fun and exciting Drifter 360 till the heavy duty Rover Off-roader XL.




I entered the airy and spacey experience zone where I got to individually try and test out all the models which they sold. The learning process was quick and easy and before I knew it I was riding around in the zone having a great time. The process was so fun and friendly and the more than ample time that was given to me to try out all their products made me have my fill off the boards from which I could now take a well informed decision and what was the best variant for me. The whole purchase process was so transparent and fun that I’d love to go over and do it all again which I’m sure the staff would love too.