The “Last Mile Connectivity” problem is one that cities have been trying to solve for decades for which walking or riding a bike have been the most common solutions. However, there is another option that has been gaining popularity in the last few years - the electric kick scooter




The electric kick scooter is a happy middle ground between walking and riding a bike, especially when it comes to commuting in a city. These scooters are easily portable, 100% eco friendly with zero emissions and are very simple to figure out. 

Parking Space

One of the most commonly faced problems with riding a bike is figuring out where to park it safely. However, with an e-kick scooter like the Radboards Shockwave V2, you can just fold it up and carry it around with you and even store it under your desk if you're at work.



Learning curve

The learning curve is also much easier to navigate for a scooter as compared to a bike. Even if you haven't used an electric kick scooter in months, no problem! All you have to do is step on and throttle ahead.


Getting Past Traffic

One issue that is commonly faced while walking is that the footpaths for pedestrians aren't always in good shape while some streets might not even have them. On the other hand, getting past traffic on a bike can be difficult due to the wide handlebars. In this context, an electric scooter is a much easier ride. With such a thin vehicle, it's easy to slide between and around cars that are stuck in traffic.


Staying Fresh

A very convenient advantage is that your outfit is almost never a restriction when riding an electric scooter whereas walking or riding a bike might not always accommodate what you're wearing. Be it a sparkly dress for a night out or a complete three-piece suit for a work conference, you can be sure to show up without sweat stains or dirt marks on your amazing outfit. While walking or riding a bike does help you get in more exercise, it might make you sweaty which isn't always a good thing - especially when you're heading to work in the mornings. You can prevent that and show up fresh with your clothes in perfectly crisp condition using an electric kick scooter


All in all, electric kick scooters are small, light weight and work well for city commuting. They're the newest and coolest way to get around town and they're definitely here to stay!